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Stormfall: Age of War Guide: FAQ

Here are the Stormfall: Age of War FAQs, 
What are Sieges / How to Besiege a Castle
How to remove a Besieging Enemy?
How do you calculate the outcome of a battle?
Can you cancel building orders, attacks or similar?
Why do you get 0 resources after a successful Raid?
Can you know if you're going to be spied upon?
Laying Siege to other Castles proves you're stronger than your rivals and lets you place in the Sieges Rankings. The Top 10 Lords are rewarded with Sapphires every week. Laying Siege to an opponent does not eliminate them – you simply occupy them until they are either liberated or cease playing the game.
One of your Friends can liberate your Castle by sending you offensive Reinforcements, or you can overthrow the occupant yourself – just build enough offensive Units and click "Break Siege" under the Enemy's name.
Player 1 attacks. Player 2 defends. A is the total value of all of Player 1′s attacking Units' offense ratings. B is the total value of all of Player 2′s defensive ratings. Players' losses are calculated according to these aggregate values. If: А = 15,000 Offense and B = 20,000 Defense, then Player 1 loses approximately 55% of Units. Player 2 loses 45% of Forces. These ratios may be subject to change.
You have 50 seconds to cancel sending Units orders, Caravans, Building construction, and upgrades. 80% of construction or upgrading cost will be returned to your account.
There is a weekly cap of 50,000 Resources than can be gained from looting (or gifting) in each Castle. You can go back and Raid this Castle again next week. Resources are calculated within the last 7 days. \
The Silent Ones are undetectable when moving around Stormfall – you will not know when they are en route, and receive no warning. Your Grand Marshal will inform you of enemy Spy missions only after they have occurred.
Hopefully these answers managed to bring a bit of extra light gameplay-wise! If you have other questions, post them below and if I know the answer, I will gladly help you!
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